Deatherage | Family



Illinois. A saying around here is "if you don't like the weather just wait, it'll change!"  Well, it changed from morning to the afternoon when we knocked out the Deatherage shoot I think at least 3 times. It started with a mild steady rain early morning, then to some short periods of big fat snowflakes then to chilly winds.  Judah held it together very well for being 2 and in the chilly wind with a guy pointing a big camera at him.  We kept his attention by constantly looking for flying monkeys.....hey, whatever it takes.  We did find out that mom hand a hand in taking care of our nephew that was in the hospital clinging to life 7 years ago.  He's all good now and we have a connection with a client that we honestly didn't know about until this shoot. Thats why I use the adage "treat everyone with respect and honesty in every aspect of your life", you never know where they might fit into your life years later.

Maybe he saw one of those flying monkeys....

Maybe he saw one of those flying monkeys....