Welcome to 2018!  We are into the second week of the new year and by now school is back, you are back to work and the dead reckoning of winter has back handed most of the country.  Are you ready for what the new year will bring?  We are!  This is not a post of any changes or major updates, its just a check in with what is up.  So its January and we are looking at dropping temps this weekend with wind kicking up.  Oh joy!  As I type this out the Evoke Images house is one step away from quarantine.  The little miss was up most of the night doing her best impression of a 'Salad Shooter',  her older brother tried to get in on the act and went down while he was at school, so his day was cut short.  Sickness is no joke this winter season.  But with 'Firehouse Pizza' finished up for supper and the little miss to my right curled up in a ball asleep,  I figured now is a great time to hit everyone with an update post!

We finished 2017 with a slow December in the photography field but with a slam packed full month on the personal side of our life.  If you don't know us personally you probably didn't know that I work a full time job and the photography is mostly Candace's animal.  Of course my ultimate goal is to become a full time photographer,  but everything in God's timing.  Summer presented us with a change in direction and a chance to rebrand ourselves.  We went from a more traditional style to the current 'lifestyle' and moody tone.  We definitely felt it was a step in the right direction.  12 years of doing things the same way can tend to burn you out.  So Evoke Images aren't new photographers in the Peoria IL area,  we are just a new name.  

So back to present day,  what is to be expected in 2018?  Well,  we have 2 weddings coming up this spring!  Weddings,  the one event that can be so challenging and at the same time rewarding for a photographer.  Yes the stress and importance of the day is unmatched but if you are good at time management and customer expectations, a wedding can be a great thing.  So why did we step away from weddings for a while? Simple! Kids,  we had one, then two then surprise, our little miss stole the show!  So we made a conscious decision to step away from the wedding side for a while.  It can be hard to find someone to watch 3 little ones all under 5 for an 8-10 hr span.  While we probably won't ever do 20-30 weddings in a year while im still employed in my dayshift job we will take on a wedding as we see able.  

I won't bore you with things on the back end like gear updates or website changes, I'll just simply put it like this,  pricing may at times change.  But a change is just to reflect the steps we are taking to bring you the best product we can.  Better gear doesn't necessarily make better images but it does help us do our job better and more efficient.  My pastor uses a line a lot, he says "the definition of insanity is doing things the same way and expecting different results."  Well we fully understand that!  

I'll close by saying thank you!  Thank you to long timers or 'faithfuls' as we call them that has been with us from day one.  It sounds so cliche but we honestly could not do what we do without our awesome clients.  Some we only see once and that's just part of the business and some we see multiple times a year.  Its a known fact I love watching a baby grow from behind my camera!  We have watched MANY newborns through the years grow into just a part of the family now.  After a few times the little one is like "oh yeah the camera guy, he's cool".  Really it does make a difference.  So that's it, new year, refocused direction and anxious to see what this year brings.  

Thanks again, Jason (head photographer-Evoke Images)