Matthewson | Maternity



Today we took some close friends to a local park that was drenched in sun and some scenic overgrowth and knocked out a maternity session.  Little Jace will be here in just a few weeks and his soon to be sisters aren't sure if they are ready to share mom and dad yet.  But I'm sure after he gets here they'll love him and go crazy over him.  Since dad is an Army recruiter of course we had to incorporate some of his uniform.  Maternity sessions are a different animal as the main subject isn't even visible or held yet.  But I always find it neat that someone that no one has met yet is loved just as if he was here.  Love never fails, love knows no boundaries.  Ok sappy moment has passed,  I love my job.  These shots are awesome,  check them out.

Loving some backlight.

Loving some backlight.